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June 12, 2010


Carla Jennings

Yes, this is real exciting. It sounded like you were about to jump in this blog and finish telling the story. LOL...awesome!!
Praise God, this means more lives being changed! Glory!!!

Amber Barron

WOW! amazing I didn't know about the Floyd thing but this just keeps on showing me how this is ALL God! so glad to be apart of a Global Ministy! Tulsa Location, claiming it now so i'll have a Summit there :) I'm in 100000 percent!

Al Jennings

Thanks Hun!

Al Jennings

Amber: lol! BTW, congrats on your graduation! God has wonderful things in store for you!

Amber Barron

awww I have the nicest Pastor on the planet! Thanks for planting seeds in me, now i can take it all around the world! :) your awesome. Thanks for being such a cutting edge person,i can be there at Summit when i'm in Tulsa!

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