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January 28, 2008


Dawn R. Rosemond

It's a shame to come in on such a beautiful snowy morning, just drink'n a lil' coffee and check'n the blog and boom - disparagement!!! Hello everyone this is "D.R." The class is on point. I recommend it to all and have committed myself to going so that I keep moving toward the goals I have set for myself in '08. BUT 'ol girl,(we affectionately know her as our first lady) be trying to kill mugs. Her "one more time" means about 5 more times. And she calls out crazy reps like, "come on ladies, just 1500 more and then we are done" all to the soothing tones of techno christian music (and occasionally some Mary J. Blige which of course makes me feel right at home -- and for those more saved than I, don't worry, it is the "Just Fine" Mary J. not the KC and Jo Jo, "Real Love" biker shorts Mary J -so it's all good.) I digress. The class, as S.T. and I have discussed is great. I have been to every one except yesterday due to a work commitment. But just don't sleep. Yes M.C. loves you and she comes off all sweet. But she will straight beat you down in that class - in the name of Jesus of course. I'm out.

So much love MC. D.R.

carla Jennings

Hey Dawn, I'm just seeing your comment. For some reason I didn't get a typepad e-mail letting me know that someone had made a comment. Any ways, it was great reading your comments and hearing the expressions of your support.

Actually I enjoy the sounds and faces that I get during class, that encourages my efforts to get people where they want to go.

So know that I really don't mind all the sounds and extra drama faces why we're getting our workout on. :-) Keep on grunting as we get...
Fit For The Faith Fight


Okay D.R. is kinda right but hey if you have a goal then you have a goal and get to it, faces sounds and all right M.S.? Psalmist are you there? oh, wait it's not 1:30am time for you to surf,lol. Anyway come on all join the class. I did and everyone knows me,ya know that one guys wife,ha

carla Jennings

R.T. I'm very glad that you are at the class. One thing I notice when class is going on you are focus and dialed in. Not that others aren't. It's like you hold your grunts in until after the class. lol Well I should said "I don't hear yours as clearly as the others. But like I said those grunts push me! Then on the other hand the silence make me think it's not challenging enough, then I end up going another rep. So if you make sounds or workout silently, I trust you are getting...
Fit For The Faith Fight!

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